People Moving & Handling

If you work in a health and social care setting then it’s likely that you spend a significant amount of your time moving and handling residents, patients and service users. Whether you’re using specialist equipment, such as hoists or simply assisting a person to move into and out of a wheelchair, it’s essential that you understand how to carry out the task safely and correctly.

This one-day Patient Moving and Handling course teaches the skills to handle and move patients safely and securely for healthcare providers. Nursing staff, healthcare workers and carers are involved in moving and handling patients daily. They can be easily injured if incorrect equipment or methods are used to aid the moving and handling of patients. This one-day programme is designed to train participants how to handle and move patients with the use of certain equipment. As well, the best methods and techniques for using this equipment is shown, is such a way it is safe for themselves and their patient

On completion of this Course, participants will be able to:

  • State the relevant safety legislation
  • Identify risks of working with patients
  • Identify and assess when and which mechanical aids should be used when moving or handling patients
  • Move, handle and transfer patients safely
  • Describe the limitations of the spine and methods of lifting and movement which can protect the back
  • Recognize loads which are too heavy or awkward for the care workers.


  • Implication of the Legislation and Safety Statement
  • Anatomy and Basics of the Musculoskeletal System
  • Good Back Care and Fitness
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Basic Principles of Safer Handling

Practical Session

  • Inanimate Lifting – Basic Lifts
  • Patient Handling and Moving:
    • Falling or Fallen patient
    • Turning patient in bed
    • Moving patient up in bed
    • Sitting patient Forward
    • Moving seated patient up in bed
    • Moving patient from bed
    • Moving seated patient from bed to chair
    • Assisting patient to walk
    • Transfer patient from bed to trolley

Each participant will be continuously assessed on their practical Patient moving and handling techniques. A certificate of attendance is issued at completion and is valid for 3 years.